Here's what 
What I learned
by the end of reception the minimum expectations of children are :

·      to count on 
·      subitise 
·      count back
·      double

by the end of year one:
·      all of the above 
·      turn around
·      friendly numbers
       rainbow facts 
So What
My interpretation of this learning
We need to focus on learning this secret code inside out and back to front!!!!!

It is our responsibility to get the balls in motion!!!!!!  

All children should have automaticity of all number facts by the end of year 2.    

Now what?
My action plan to build on this new learning
Immediate action plan-

·      include a mental routine and reflection into all maths lessons

·      spend the rest of the term learning the secret code

·      make a maths wall

6/25/2013 22:51:41

I'm the other half of Room 1 and Andrea's teaching team........We have definitely been focussing on the SECRET CODE over the last couple of weeks and we have loved the reaction of the kids (our very newbies and very oldies) watching them connect RAINBOW FACTS, TURN AROUNDS and COUNTING ONS through lots of dice and card games. We've seen great connections being made on our REFLECTION MIRROR - we all love post it notes!! We're thinking now that to help with our own time management and making sure we DO have that Ann Baker inspired structured numeracy block we need to have 3 timers (1 for mental routines, 1 for the learning activity and 1 for the reflection bit too) because we can see the importance in ALL 3 structures of the lesson.

7/2/2013 16:47:09

Hi everyone, I am so excited and impressed to see how you are going. What a lot of great work. You are inspirational and will keep me going.
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon
Cheers Ann


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