Here's what I learned....
Those mental routines are meant to be pacey (make a mental note -what needs to be worked on at a later date DO NOT worry about it during the MR).

All kids need to have constructive failure. Let them make the mistakes!!!

Should be incorporating 2 problematized situations per week into our maths.

Spend lots of time learning those teen numbers and teach the decade word names. 
So what does this mean...
I need to have those easy peasy, middly piddly and those sting in a tail questions ready to go.

Show answer and move on, do not go off on a tangent- can do that another time!

Give them space to work out problems, try not to jump in too early to rescue them.

Tuesday and Thursday will be set aside for these.

Construction of a word wall.

More incidental chats about number names.

Bigger focus on place value.    
Now, what am I going to do about it.....
Hmm what am I going to do about all this.

Be organised and have that list of questions ready and raring to go for those mental routines.

Embrace those little challenges that the students are facing with those problematized situations and build on those tricky parts they get stuck on. Develop anchor charts to display around the room.

The teaching of number, number, and more number is so important with our little people. It is our job to lay that foundation and we want it to be a sturdy one!!!    
9/24/2015 18:45:17

Awesome review! You've done great! Have a lot of inspiration!


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