During the holidays I had the opportunity to work with others in many areas, here are few examples.
In the first week of the holidays Carly Feegrade and I discussed a history unit and began to explore the fluency planning resource to document the unit. I has a similar experience in the second week of the holidays  where Jess Waters and I also collaborated on a unit of history work and also documented our thinking, intentions and resources on the Fluency 21 unit planner. One of the great things about this unit planner is that the work of Carly and Jess are now public and can be viewed by anyone, used and edited by anyone.

The holidays also had me working with Sophie and Andrea. These teachers use Ann Baker Resources in maths and we aligned the resources to Australian Curriculum so it was clear to us where they sat. We love the work Ann has done, especially as she includes the proficiencies of understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Hopefully this team of teachers will share some of their work with us soon.

The first week of the term had me working at several different locations. A quick outline is below and I am happy to discuss any of it further with site leaders or staff from the 2013 MB cluster schools.
Murray Bridge School- professional conversations with Greg and Rob around the Maths curriculum and classroom practice. 
Fraser Park PS- participated in their 2nd staff PD on TfEL ( Teaching for effective learning) with a focus on Domain 4 and assessment.
Murray Bridge South School- a quick stop to welcome Graham Alder (MBSPS - Principal) to our cluster.
Mypolonga PS- teacher observation process and facilitated History PD at staff meeting.
DECD , Flinders st, Adel.- PACF rep on planning days for the ACE days
Murray Bridge HS- Student free day planning and support meeting with Patti Williamson.
Adelaide- Saturday saw me attending a Christine Topfer PD on spelling, great to see South school staff Michelle and Jess there too.

The work and locations vary this week (wk 2, term 2), Jervois PS and Tailem Bend are a focus, as well as the cluster leaders meeting to mention a few.

Rita O'Brien
22/05/2013 3:14pm

Great blog Mikelle. We have Christine topfer's spelling scope and sequence to share if anyone would like it.

29/07/2013 7:22pm

South School ordered Christine Topfer's Spelling book for all teachers last year and have been using it in 2013 for planning and goal setting. Have found it very practical and teacher friendly.


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