I have been fortunate enough to visit all seven schools a few times each in our cluster during the first few weeks of the term and WOW! I have met a range of Committed Cods ( Murray and Mallee Educators), working towards the continued implementation of the Australian Curriculum, improved practice in teaching and learning and success for all students.

I will mention some of my highlights so far,

Mypolonga Primary aim high for their students and staff. One way they are approaching this is through TfEL. The quality test key questions are clearly displayed in their staff room under the headings of intentionality, effectiveness , consistency and responsiveness. They are taking this to the next level in upcoming weeks and have planned a teacher observation process to enable observations and reflection.

Murray Bridge School had a staff member create a literacy desk mat for their class. This resource will enable her students are supported and will work towards common language and understandings with literacy requirements.

Murray Bridge High school planned ahead and have included the Dylan Wiliam traffic light strategy into student diaries. What a great way to empower students and their learning and for quick and timely feedback for staff.



18/07/2013 5:46pm

Mikelle, I have loved working with you...you have a wealth of knowledge that I admire so much. Look forward to working with you again next term x


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