With my assessment task in science this year I have decided to provide students with an opportunity to really move forward with feed back I give them. To do this I needed to adjust my feedback to students as previously it was right or wrong with comments along the lines of well done, good work, more effort needed. Now I provide students with an assessment task and give written feedback to them which clearly indicates sections that show understandings as well as sections to improve e.g. Need a clearer explanation of which new substances were formed in a chemical change or how can a physical change be reversed. Students then had opportunities to resubmit their work in response to the feedback. A student who chose to do this was able to give evidence and improve their Australian Curriculum grade from a D to a C. The culture is building and several students now take the opportunity to resubmit work to show a greater understanding of the work.


18/07/2013 3:31pm

Great work Greg, I also find that kids will improve and want to improve if they know exactly what to do. I am working on more effective feedback too.


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