Just spent two days in Waikerie with many committed cods from the Murray Mallee region at  Change Makers with Aaron and Dave.
It was the last face to face session of the project but the connection, energy, thoughts and actions will go on and on.
We participated in a range of fantastic sessions, one of these was our 5 min project pitch and recording personal take aways on post it notes from each presenter.

Think Big, Act Small!

Think big, act small was the take away many of us took from the initial Change Maker session in 2012 and below is the list of take aways I got from participants at our final session. By sharing these I am hoping that others can use my list in a reflective and purposeful way. ( what aspects listed am I involved in at my site and what is there that could be put into action in my work or at my site that isn't already or has waned? )

  • It's unacceptable when adults give up on kids.
  • Facebook has a purposeful place for educators and learners.
  • child directed learning increased student engagement and decreased inappropriate behaviours.
  • Power of collaboration
  • Ageless access to education
  • Partnerships/relationships for increase/improvements in happy and engaged students at school.
  • Take the risks as a leader and lead by example..... and persist.
  • Break down the fences/barriers and build relationships to establish effective transitions.
  • Passion and commitment is integral to leading change.
  • Encourage purposeful change in others for specific outcomes.
  • Use hooks and emotion to engage students.
  • Data is for staff to inform teaching and then to share with DECD/ others.
  • Celebrate successes.
  • Chaos is OK and an important part of the change/ learning process.
  • We are more powerful than we know.
  • Stop all the me and embrace the we.
  • Catch kids doing the good stuff and communicate it to families.


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